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Law Student Summer Program Jobs

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Law Student Jobs

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Installing Cheap Wall Coverings

Installing Cheap wall and floor tiles Sydney coverings is a fast and easy way to change the

interior design of your home or office without remodeling or buying all new furnishings.

Wallpaper, cloth, paint, painting techniques and tapestries are some common options for

covering the walls.

Wainscoting is also another classic wall covering that most of us think of as unattainable.

Wainscoting can be expensive and requires skills to use tools and experience to install. There

is always another way to get that wainscoting look without paying hundreds of dollars to get

it. Here is a great project idea to create a faux wainscoting look. To start this project,

paint the wall the color of your choice before installing the faux wainscoting, at least

twenty-four hours in advance. An additional idea for this interior design project is changing

the look of a wallpapered room by dividing it and painting over the top or bottom section.

You will need:

Quarter inch thick boards enough to cover the wall from end to end and cover the top of the

boards making a frame.
Cut boards to the desired height (three or four feet from the floor covers a pretty good

portion of the wall.)
Drywall or finishing nails
Primer paint
Paint (color of choice)
Chair rail
Clear, paintable caulking
Caulking gun
Masking tape
Wood putty
Nail Punch
Begin by spacing boards about twenty inches apart, for wide panels or fourteen to fifteen

inches apart for narrower panels. Use a level to ensure they are equal and evenly spaced. Tape

the boards in place to keep them from moving around while you are nailing them in your

interior design.

Nail the boards to the wall and use a nail punch to gently tap the nail head into the wood.

Put a touch of wood putty in the depression and smooth it over with your finger. Nail the

boards across the top and sink the nails in as before and cover with a small amount of wood


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Top Quality Floor and Wall Tiles

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What is a Rune Wizard?

Rune Wizard

Norse Rune Wizards cast spells, make charms and chant rhymes.

A Norse Runes Spell gives the Rune Wizard access, control and direction of life force for a specific purpose.

A Rune Wizard practices Mental Radionics which is Magic at a distance. For mental radionics you need a power source and a spell, charm or rhyme and a target ( where you want the life force "Magical force" to go.) Ithas a large tool kit of materials to set up his spells. Stones, metals, herbs, wood, rope, candles runes, air, water, fire, earth are some of them.

Nordic and Germanic Rune Wizards used spoken spell craft which is very powerful. It is a form of Mental Radionics.

As a modern 21st Century, Age of Aquarius Rune Wizard, you can invent your own spoken spells for your special needs.

Now you can use the Laws of Quantum Physics which tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of Thinking Energy called the Quantum Ocean or Mind of God. There is no time in the Quantum Ocean only the NOW. All the Gods/Goddesses of the North, the old Rune Charms, spells, rhymes (incantations) are there. The Runes which are individual Keys to the Creative Energies of the Universe are there. All the materials you will need as a Rune Wizard are there. So you can create your own magic and bing the mythology, power and Wisdom of our Norse Germanic Ancestors into the NOW.

Many of the old Norse Traditions have been buried under a veneer of Christianization. It is time for you, the 21st Century Rune Wizard to clean them off.

The Norse, Germanic and English people adapted the charms, spells and rhymes to the new Christian Religion, rather than discard them completely. They hid them for future use.They are so effective that they felt Christianity could not erase their power..

Rune Wizards do not simply speak or copy spells from a book. The "MIND" of the Rune Wizard is where the power is; not in the words. The emotions of the Rune Wizard increases the power. Emotional thoughts are the key to success.

A Rune Wizard must practice, practice, practice the Art until it becomes embedded in their sub-conscious. Their subconscious mind is connected to the Quantum Ocean, the Mind of God. This is where all the feelings, moods, images, dreams, invocations and energy exists. Some of the older writers called it the "Astral Plane."

The Rune Wizard's intellectual mind has a language in words, and their sub-conscious has a language in feelings and images. Their conscious mind is where they make their decisions. It works with thoughts and ideas. Their subconscious uses emotions.

The Rune Wizard must understand the three levels of subconsciousness that exist in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. Their own personal level; the level of the Nordic Germanic Folk and the collective conscious level of all humanity.

The personal subconscious takes everything literally. It gives you what it thinks you want. It does this by monitoring your thoughts and feelings.

The Folk Soul or Group Mind must also be considered by the Rune Wizard. Powerful competing energies exist there. Some of the more well known conflicting energies of Folk Souls are the one that exists between the German and the French races. Two world wars precipitated due to these differences.

In America, the North Eastern Group mind is different from that of the Deep South. The Civil War is an example.

The Karma and destiny of the Folk-Soul affects every member of its race whether the individual realizes it or not.

The Rune Wizards uses the Folk Soul to give more power to their Magic. Their spells must first pass through their individual subconscious, through the Folk-Soul subconscious, into the Universal Collective subconscious, the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. Here is where the greatest power exists.

When a Rune Wizard meditates upon a rune, he first touches the energies of the rune contained within his own personal subconscious, then the energies of the runes contained within the Nordic Germanic Folk Soul's subconscious and finally to the runic energies in the Collective Subconscious, the Mind of God. It is from this powerful place that they do their work. There is no time nor space there.

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Western Astrology Terminology

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Learn Tarot - The Signifier Card in Tarot Readings

In Tarot, the signifier card (also sometimes referred to as the "significator card") serves as a representation for someone or something in your current life. In most cases, people use the signifier card to represent themselves. In this respect, the signifier card is the central figure or question posed during a tarot reading. This is done by incorporating a person's signifier card as a specific key card in a tarot spread. As the key card, the signifier represents the person or central issue being read with the surrounding cards relating back to it.

The beauty of signifier tarot cards is their ability to aide the tarot reader in remaining focused on a specific person or issue during a tarot reading. In essence, they are ensuring that the tarot reading stays on course. In most tarot readings, signifier cards are centrally positioned within the tarot spread. This helps the tarot reader to identify they key challenges the subject is faced with.

Signifier cards can also influence the design or pattern of a tarot spread. Depending on the needs of the subject, tarot readers will often incorporate spreads that are quite specific in nature. Signifier cards play an important role in determining the type of spread a tarot reader will choose to utilize during a tarot reading.

Typically signifier cards are identified through one's astrological association to the tarot cards. Both the Major Arcana and the Court Cards have astrological associations. It's really up to the individual to choose their own personal preference. Major Arcana cards tend to focus on developmental stages in a person's life while Court cards focus on personality types and physical attributes. In general, most people prefer to work with the Court Cards because they tend to be more descriptive in nature.

When working with the Court Cards, one's age can also play an important role. As a general rule, the Court Cards can represent various ages. Pages are associated to children and adolescents. Knights are associated to young adults. And Queens and Kings are associated with mature adults. Obviously, there is a great deal of flexibility in identifying signifier cards based on chronological age. Take, for example, the 50 your old man who still acts like a teenager.

The most important thing to remember when identifying a signifier card is your own personal associations to it. Signifier cards are really tools for the tarot reader. In the end, they are there to deepen the experience of the tarot reading.

Astrological Associations of the Major Arcana

•The Fool: Uranus
•The Magician: Mercury
•The High Priestess: Moon
•The Empress: Venus
•The Emperor: Aries
•The Hierophant: Taurus
•The Lovers: Gemini
•The Chariot: Cancer
•Strength: Leo
•The Hermit: Virgo
•Wheel of Fortune: Jupiter
•Justice: Libra
•The Hanged Man: Neptune
•Death: Scorpio
•Temperance: Sagittarius
•The Devil: Capricorn
•The Tower: Mars
•The Star: Aquarius
•The Moon: Pisces
•The Sun: Sun
•Judgment: Pluto
•The World: Saturn

Astrological Associations of the Court Cards

•Aries: King of Wands
•Taurus: Queen of Pentacles
•Gemini: Knight of Swords
•Cancer: King of Cups
•Leo: Queen of Wands
•Virgo: Knight of Pentacles
•Libra: King of Swords
•Scorpio: Queen of Cups
•Sagittarius: Knight of Wands
•Capricorn: King of Pentacles
•Aquarius: Queen of Swords
•Pisces: Knight of Cups

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